Other projects [Reykjavík, 19900830]

Björk/Gling Glo
Hotel Borg
Reykjavík, Iceland

Icelandic FM broadcast > 2nd Gen Cassette >
CDR Master > EAC > wav > flac frontend (level 7,
align sector boundaries) > flac

Finally, the Hub has a lossless copy of Gling Gló
live. All previous versions (both commercial boots
and circulating copies) have been mp3-sourced and
sound muffled and hissy. This source is directly
from Iceland, has accurate lineage, and has more
tracks than the previously circulating recording.

Thanks Anonymous!

Bjork Hub:

01 I Fall in love too easily
02 Luktar-Gvendur
03 You don’t Know what Love is
04 Cry me a River
05 I Can’t Help Loving That Man
06 Brestir Og Brak
07 Ruby Baby
09 [Björk chatter]
10 Pabbi Minn
11 Gling Gló
12 Misty
13 Í dansi með þér
14 My Funny Valentine
15 Bella Símamaer
16 Litli tónlistarmaðurinn
17 Astartofrar


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